J.I. Segel Awards Announced

The Jewish Public Library is pleased to announce the recipients of
the prestigious J.I. Segal Awards 2010 in eight categories on Jewish themes.

The winners are as follows:

Dr. Hirsch and Dora Rosenfeld Prize for Yiddish and Hebrew Literature:

Co-winner: Prof. David E. Fishman (editor) for Droshes un ksovim by
Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik (Ktav Publishing House, Inc.)

Co-winner: Boris Sandler for Shikhelekh Far Reytshl (Boris Sandler copyright).

Prize in English Fiction and Poetry on a Jewish Theme:

Rhea Tregebov for The Knife Sharpener’s Bell (Coteau Books).

Prize in English Non-Fiction on a Jewish Theme:

Jeffrey Veidlinger for Jewish Public Culture in the Late Russian
Empire (Indiana University Press).

Prize in French Literature on a Jewish Theme:

Maurice Chalom for Va, Moshone (Leméac).

Prize in Translation of a Book on a Jewish Theme:

Moshe Dor for the Hebrew translation of Fly Off into the Strongest
Light: Selected Poems by Seymour Mayne (Keshev Publishing House).

Prize in Canadian Jewish Studies:

Co-winner: Esther Trépanier for Jewish Painters of Montreal:
Witnesses of Their Time 1930-1948 (Les Éditions de l’homme).

Co-winner: Allan Levine for Coming of Age: A History of the Jewish
People of Manitoba (Heartland Associates Inc.).

Yaacov Zipper Prize in Education:

Nira Friedman.

Michael Moskovitz Prize in Film on a Jewish Theme:

Garry Beitel for The “Socalled” Movie (Producers: reFrame Films and
The National Film Board of Canada).

The winners were honored at the 41st J.I. Segal Awards Gala on
Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. in the Jewish Public
Library, 5151 Côte St-Catherine Road, Montreal.

The J.I. Segal Awards of the Jewish Public Library were established
in 1968 to honour and perpetuate the memory of the great Canadian
Yiddish poet J.I. Segal (1896-1954). The awards were developed to
encourage and reward creative works on Jewish themes and to recognize contributions in Jewish education. Past recipients of these biennial awards have included Leonard Cohen, Dora Wasserman, Gershon Hundert, Edeet Ravel, Miriam Waddington, David Homel, Chava Rosenfarb, Gerald Tulchinsky, Pierre Anctil and many others.

For more information on the Jewish Public Library’s J.I. Segal Awards 2010 see the Jewish Public Library’s homepage here.


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