Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik on Pesach, Sefirat Ha-Omer and Shavu’ot

March 29, 2018

Review by Israel Drazin • The Times of Israel

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Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik on Pesach, Sefirat ha-Omer and Shavu’ot”[1] is the second volume in a series of books put out by The Rabbi Soloveitchik Library presenting the thoughts of Rabbi J. B. Soloveitchik. The book addresses eleven issues concerning laws relating to Passover, the Counting of the Omer, the debate between the Sadducees and Pharisees concerning the date of the holiday of Shavuot, and concludes with three of the eleven chapters focusing on the first four commands on the Decalogue. Read the rest of this entry »


New Book – Manhigut Ruchanit B’dor Tahafuchot

March 29, 2018

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New Book – Scholarly Man of Faith

March 26, 2018

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Jewish Law as Rebellion: A Plea for Religious Authenticity and Halachic Courage

March 8, 2018

Review by Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz • Jewish Journal


As I’ve been a close student of Rabbi Dr. Nathan Lopes Cardozo’s for many years and am very familiar with his philosophy, I found myself excited and eager to read his latest book: Jewish Law as Rebellion: A Plea for Religious Authenticity and Halachic Courage (Urim Publications, 2018). I was not disappointed. In this masterful work, Rav Cardozo not only critiques the great challenges that Jews face in the world but also lays out an inspirational and comprehensive vision of contemporary Judaism, one where, “Halacha’s main [function] is to protest against a world that is becoming ever more complacent, self-indulgent, insensitive, and egocentric” (21).  Read the rest of this entry »

Healthy in Body and Spirit

March 4, 2018

Michael Kaufman’s potentially lifesaving new work

Yonoson Rosenblum • Mishpacha Magazine

body's keeper 1In the gym that I frequent too infrequently, there hangs a New Yorker–style cartoon depicting a doctor speaking to an overweight, middle-aged man sitting on the examination table. The caption reads: “What fits your busy schedule better — exercising one hour a day, or being dead 24 hours a day?”

Michael Kaufman makes a similar point at the outset of his potentially lifesaving new work, Am I My Body’s Keeper? Torah, Science, Diet and Fitness — for Life. “Since a prerequisite for living a Torah life is obviously ‘living,’ the Jew must be keenly aware of the very first duty to be healthy, for otherwise no mitzvos can be observed and no Torah learned.”

In his haskamah to Kaufman’s work, Rabbi Yosef Fleischman, rosh kollel of one of the largest Choshen Mishpat kollels in the world, notes a striking paradox. Read the rest of this entry »

Am I My Body’s Keeper?

February 26, 2018

Review by Midwest Book Review

body's keeper 1Dr. Michael Kaufman is a distinguished scholar and author and studied at Yeshiva and Mesivta Torah Vodaath, Telshe Yeshiva, Brooklyn College, and the University of Louisville. In “Am I My Body’s Keeper?: Torah, Science, Diet and Fitness — for Life” he has written an instructional guide specifically for those readers who find it almost impossible to stay 100% healthy and fit with a modern lifestyle that includes long hours of sitting in an office chair, balancing a family, and accomplishing everything else on a daily to-do list. To deal with this conundrum, Dr. Kaufman shows how to extend our lives by living healthy and fit.

“Am I My Body’s Keeper” provides a simple guide to changing our lifestyles, from the sedentary one characterizing most of society to an active one emphasizing physical activity and healthy eating. The simple lifestyle changes advocated in the pages of “Am I My Body’s Keeper?” will give readers vim and vigor, health and fitness during those additional years of life they will be gaining. Based upon the timeless teachings of the Jewish sages as well as scientific research, “Am I My Body’s Keeper” is a ‘real world practical’ guide for good, healthy living for both men and women of any age. Thoroughly ‘user friendly’ in tone, content, organization and presentation, “Am I My Body’s Keeper?” is a life-changing, life-enhancing instructional guide and manual that is unreservedly recommended for personal, community, and academic library Health & Medicine collections and supplemental studies reading lists.

A Concise Code of Jewish Law for Converts

January 16, 2018

Daniel Keren • The Jewish Connection

Jewish Law for Converts

In my last column, I discussed a book (“180 Degrees” by Abraham Leib Berenstein) that foucsed on the profiles of 25 Baalei Teshuvah, Jews from secular or assimilated backgrounds who were inspired to make a major life change and embrace a lifestyle based on Torah-true values. The subject of this week’s column is a book that deals with Jewish law for those who were born gentiles and against greater odds and often opposition from family and close friends to convert to Judaism.

Rabbi Michael J. Broyde, a professor of law at Emory University’s Center for the Study of Law and Religion has published a book that paints an intriguing explanation of how gairim or converts to Judaism are treated by Jewish law.

Rabbi Broyde brings to this sefer his experience of many years as a dayan (religious judge) in the Beth Din of America and as its director; as well as Read the rest of this entry »