Faith Fulfilled – Interview with Reuven Mohl

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Listen to this intriging interview by Matthew Miller with Reuven Mohl, compiler and editor of Faith Fulfilled: Megillat Esther with Commentary from the Writings of Rabbi Eliezer Berkovits.


ArchitecTorah – New Review

Building Blocks of Torah

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By Ben Rothke | March 02, 2023

The recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria highlighted the importance of building standards and good architectural practices. Turkish officials have turned architects into reasons for the failures, and the public outrage at architects is viewed as responsible for the over 50,000 deaths. But a disaster of this scale is certainly more than just the architects’ fault.

Architects are easy victims, but the real reason is that building standards were not maintained, corrupt officials turned a blind eye to safety standards and regulations and much more. Architecture is at the heart of a new and fascinating book ”ArchitecTorah: Architectural Ideas in Judaism and the Weekly Torah Portion.”

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Jewish Women in Time and Torah — New Review

Posted on Wisconsin Bookwatch: February 2023

Synopsis: Rabbi Dr. Eliezer Berkovits (8 September 1908 – 20 August 1992) last book, “Jewish Women in Time and Torah”, is a critical examination of the status of women in Halakhah. It offers a coherent theological approach by which the eternal Divine nature of Torah must be upheld, and yet also recognize that the ever-changing status of women, reflected in our sacred texts, is linked to historical and social movements of humanity in the world at large.

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ArchitecTorah — New Review

A Fascinating Book on the Lessons Derived from Architecture in the Bible

By Rabbi Dr. Israel Drazin
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BOCA RATON, Florida — Urim Publications published “ArchitecTorah, Architectural Ideas in Judaism and the Weekly Torah Portion” by Joshua Skarf in 2023. It contains 178 short, informative, easy-to-read essays on the 54 weekly portions focusing on Torah topics that reveal hidden information about God and architecture design and theory in his 594-page book.

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Large Turnout for the Book Launch of ArchitecTorah!

Last week, ArchitecTorah: Architectural Ideas in Judaism and the Weekly Torah Portion had a very successful book launch in the Beit Midrash of Beit Knesset HaRamban. The room was packed past capacity with people interested in Joshua Skarf’s fascinating new book.

Photos of the event by The Real Jerusalem Streets

Contemporary Uses and Forms of Hasidut – New Review

by David Tesler, AJL News and Reviews

This collection of articles Contemporary Uses and Forms of Hasidut is part of the Orthodox Forum series that Yeshiva University convenes to discuss important cultural, legal, and sociological trends occurring within the Jewish Orthodox world. This volume focuses on a pronounced shift within modern Orthodox life toward Hasidut and increased spirituality — what many now call “Neo-Hasidut.” 

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