A Review of Majesty and Humility: The Thought of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik

by Charles M. RaffelMajesty and Humility

R. Reuven Ziegler’s examination of the Rav’s religious philosophy in this new book is an invaluable resource to perpetuate a meaningful appreciation of the Rav’s legacy. He provides a clear overview of the major essays and significant themes, with patient attention to fleshing out the underlying philosophic ideas of the Rav’s writings….

One may reasonably conclude that a cadre of students, educated and enlightened by this comprehensive and accessible book, will emerge with sufficient fluency in the Rav’s writings to meaningfully engage the original texts on their own. For offering such a luminous entry into the heart of the Rav’s philosophy, we are all in R. Ziegler’s debt.

This review first appeared in the Torah U’Madda Journal