Review and Dvar Torah of Torah Mysteries Illuminated

October 11, 2015

By Rabbi Johnny Solomon TMI-pasteon.indd

Torah Mysteries Illuminated, by Thomas Furst, is a fascinating collection of original and thought-provoking Torah insights. Each of the eighteen essays in this beautifully published book explores a specific topic concerning Tanach, Holidays, Prayer and the Jewish Home, and each sheds new light on stories, concepts and phrases that the reader may, until this point, have never even considered. For example, in his essay titled ‘”Yom Tov”: What’s in a Name?’, Mr. Furst provides considerable evidence to demonstrate how the word tov refers to moments of divine revelation, and consequently, how the term Yom Tov refers to a ‘day on which Hashem revealed Himself to His people’. Then, in his essay titled ‘Shevet Levi’s exemplary character’, Mr. Furst offers a wide ranging analysis of how the word Achim is used with reference to Shevet Levi, as well as how Moshe & Aharon differed in their personality types, leading the reader to a clear understanding of why Moshe needed to be accompanied by his brother when confronting Pharoh, and why there is a need for both Kohanim and Leviim. Finally, as mentioned above, Mr. Furst’s examination of Adam’s first sin is nothing less than ingenious. I thoroughly enjoyed learning Torah Mysteries Illuminated and will certainly be consulting it on a regular basis. Read the rest of this entry »