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Mourning Jerusalem Icon Mechoel Pomeranz

Alden Tabac

Published: The Jerusalem Post – July 16, 2022, 01:56

 MECHOEL POMERANZ passed away after a lengthy illness. (photo credit: Courtesy Pomeranz family)

MECHOEL POMERANZ passed away after a lengthy illness. (photo credit: Courtesy Pomeranz family)

Mechoel Pomeranz, the beloved owner of Pomeranz Bookseller, died last week after a lengthy illness at age 68.

His eponymous bookstore is well known among Jerusalem’s English-speaking community for its eclectic collection of Jewish books ranging from Shlomo Carlebach haggadot to translations of Maimonides’ Guide for the Perplexed.

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Lecture this Wednesday in Jerusalem

The public is invited to attend theRedeeming Relevance in the book of numbers

Jerusalem Lecture Series on Jewish Philosophy 5775/2014-5


 Will be speaking on

Why Jews should Continue to Ignore the Bible Critics – The Path from Chazal to Stanley Fish

Wednesday January 14, 2015 at 8pm

Yad Harav Nissim Auditorium

44 Jabotinsky Street, Jerusalem (entrance from Molcho St.)


Free admission | Refreshments served | Lecture in English

For more information contact Avital Macales: 054-768-5849

DCA Academy can be contacted at 02-642-7272 * Visit us at

Book Launch and Lecture

Book Launch and Lecture

with guest speaker Rabbi Joseph Polak

author of After the Holocaust the Bells still Ring 

3 January, Motzei Shabbat

at 19:30

at Pomeranz Bookseller

Be’eri 5, Jerusalem  

Admission is free, but seating is limited

Please RSVP

Pomeranz Bookseller –

On The Israeli-Arab Conflict: A Biblical Perspective

by Nathan Lopez Cardozo [1] For the Love of Israel and the Jewish People

Impartial observers of the Middle East will realize that these are extraordinary times. Tens of thousands of Jews from many different countries are returning to their national and historic homeland after thousands of years. Arab states are beginning to reconsider their attitude towards Israel now that they realize that after more than fifty years, the Jewish state is here to stay.

Many gentiles throughout the world are showing a new and keen interest in the Bible, proclaiming fulfillment of the old biblical prophecies. The continuous conflict between the Israelis and the Arabs, especially the Palestinian Arabs, is a constant focus of world attention, allotted more broadcast hours and newspaper column space than any other conflict. It is the most discussed issue at the United Nations and the perceived root of international tension. It is believed to have the potential to cause a large-scale conflict in the Middle East and even a global confrontation.

However, the truth is more prosaic. The conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians is something of a local affair. Looking on the world map, many larger hotbeds can be identified, with even greater issues at stake. For the religious mind all this presents a great challenge. What is the spiritual secret behind the conflict?

From a religious perspective, it seems that another, more profound point is being made. History is not made up of social, political, or economic factors alone, but also of spiritual forces that have far-reaching moral implications. As always, religious people will turn to the Torah and Jewish tradition, the blueprint of all history and reality, to seek deeper insight. It is the author’s hope that this essay might serve such a purpose. Continue reading “On The Israeli-Arab Conflict: A Biblical Perspective”