Mysteries of the Torah Illuminated

November 12, 2015

By Alan Jay GerberTMI-pasteon.indd

This week’s column will focus on a special author and his unique book on Jewish practice and law. The author, Thomas Furst, a lawyer, has the yichus of being a descendent of the great Gaon, the Chasam Sofer.

His religious credentials include having learned at Yeshivat Keren B’Yavneh, and he is currently an active member of the Great Neck Synagogue.

This work, entitled, “Torah Mysteries Illuminated” (Urim Publications, 2015) and accurately subtitled, “Intriguing Insights Into The Essence of Major Torah Topics of Contemporary Relevance” covers the following: Rosh Chodesh — Unraveling the Mysteries of a Most Significant Day; The Meaning of The Land of Milk and Honey; Shevet Levi’s Exemplary Character; Remembering Amalek; Behind the Obligation to Recite One Hundred Blessings; and A Life Saving Mitzvah — Hachnasat Orchim.

In a series of phone and email interviews with Furst, I was able to get the full measure of his scholarship and deep devotion to his faith. Below are some sample teachings for your edification. Read the rest of this entry »