A Review of A Financial Guide to Aliyah and Life in Israel

by Rebeca Kuropatwa A Financial Guide to Aliyah

Originally from Winnipeg, Baruch (Brent) Labinsky, who has been living in Israel since 1993, published his book, A Financial Guide to Aliyah and Life in Israel.

Labinsky, who today works as a financial planner/investment manager, was born and raised in Winnipeg’s North End. Today, he lives in Beit Shemesh with wife Tammy and their seven children. The couple made aliyah 19 years ago, about six months after having married.

“We came to Israel for a period of time to learn in Yeshiva in Jerusalem, having in mind that if it worked out and we enjoyed it, we’d stay,” said Labinsky. “Thank G-d, it has worked out very well.”

For their first three or four years in Israel, the Labinskys lived in Jerusalem, later moving to Beit Shemesh where they have remained for some 15 years.

“Beit Shemesh at that point was a very strongly growing English-speaking community, and we were Continue reading “A Review of A Financial Guide to Aliyah and Life in Israel


A Financial Guide to Aliyah and Life in Israel

by Globes Israel Correspondent A Financial Guide to Aliyah

Taxation, banking, insurance, pensions and so on are not the most romantic aspects of aliyah. There will be those who blithely ignore such matters, carried away by idealistic motivation. Others might find the prospect of dealing with a financial system both technically and culturally unfamiliar so daunting and difficult as to be a large stumbling block on the way to making a new life in Israel. Baruch Labinsky’s concise handbook is to be recommended for all English-speaking olim, wherever they may be on the scale between these two extremes, as well as for veterans seeking to get a better handle on their finances. It is very persuasive on the need to set financial goals, to plan, and to understand the options available, while at the same time it demystifies Israeli institutions and explains Israeli attitudes, to calm the financially anxious.

To judge from his bio, the author is well qualified by both education and experience to help olim find their financial feet. The book is accessible and down-to-earth without over-simplifying. It tells new arrivals what they really need to know about Continue reading A Financial Guide to Aliyah and Life in Israel