New Review – Four Rabbis at Lunch

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What do rabbis talk about? In this book the distinguished Rabbi Elkins takes us behind the scenes, as a group meets every week.

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Review of A Girl From There

by Jack RiemerAGirlFromThere web2

I suppose that within every adult there are the memories of childhood living inside, struggling to get out. If the childhood has been a healthy one, then the adult and the child within live together in peace. If the childhood has been horrible, then the struggle never ends.

This is a book of poems by an adult, who lives with the constant presence within her of an unimaginably awful past. These poems describe what life was like for a child who lived in the Warsaw ghetto where you had to hide every time there was a knock on the door, and you were not allowed to sneeze or cry or make a noise until it was quiet outside. These poems describe what it feels like to be an adult who, when she was a child of three, was given away for safekeeping by her mother to a Polish neighbor, and whose mother taught her how to pretend to be a Christian before she left. These poems recall what it was like after the war to be the only Jewish child in a Polish school, and then what it was like to be a foreigner in an Israeli school at a time when the other children in your class simply could not understand what it was like to come from a world so unimaginably different from theirs.   Continue reading “Review of A Girl From There

Short Story Writers Wanted

by Greer Fay Cashman

After proving with its two previous ventures, Jane Doe Buys a Challah & Other Stories, published in 2007, and Tel Aviv Short Stories (2009), that there is a demand for English language short stories about life in Israel, Ang-Lit Press had no qualms about putting out another short fiction anthology which is scheduled for publication at the beginning of 2011.

There is an enormous pool of literary talent among immigrants from English-speaking countries, and there is also a growing readership inside and outside Israel for short stories on any number and variety of subjects that reflect different aspects of life in this country.
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