New! Maharal Course

Urim Publications is proud to announce a new joint initiative with the Academy of Jewish Thought and Learning: A series of Adult Education Courses based on selected Urim books.

The first course, beginning on Wednesday, 15th of March, will be: The Maharal – a bridge between the ages.

The Maharal lived at the juncture between the medieval world and modernity; between the scholastics and the renaissance; between the rationalists and the Mystical Chassidim. His work and ideas were a pivot for Jewry, which came to adopt so many of his foundational views and thinking. 

The courses will be run on Zoom and recorded, so people can participate worldwide. The time of the course is 19:45 Israel time; 17:45 UK time; 13:45 Eastern (NY) time; 10:45 LA time.

To book for the course, please go to: or click HERE.

To try out the first session with no commitment, please go to: or click HERE.

The course will utilise the first English Translation ever of the Maharal’s Tiferet Yisrael, published by Urim (order your copy by going to: or by clicking HERE, enter coupon code MaharalCourse during checkout for an additional 10% off this title!); the second volume of which is to be published later this year by Urim!

Note: Coupon is valid until April 4, 2023.


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