New Review – Journey to Open Orthodoxy

Roger S. Kohn AJL News and Reviews

This volume contains eight sections: Principles of Open Orthodoxy, Inclusivity, Spirituality, Gender, Faith, Leadership, Conversion, and Mission. Mission is subdivided into three subdivisions, Spiritual Activism, Shoah, and Israel. The 73 pieces in this volume were mostly written in the last decade, and mostly constitute opinion pieces published in Jewish and general newspapers, but a few are “more scholarly in nature.” Thirteen articles were written specifically for this volume, three (out of ten) in “Inclusivity,” four (out of eight) in “Spirituality.” and three (out of seven) in “Faith.”

Rabbi Avi Weiss, who has been affiliated with the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale since 1973, is a nationally recognized figure of the Modern Orthodox Judaism movement which he prefers to call “Open Orthodoxy.” This book contains his views on many topics: Modern Orthodoxy; the role of women in Judaism; his relations with the Rabbinic Council of America (RCA) and the established Rabbinate of Israel around the validity of conversions to Judaism performed by Orthodox American rabbis; his activism for Soviet Jewry, Holocaust memorials, and the State of Israel.

Recommended to Orthodox congregations and to large academic libraries.


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