New Review – Waste Not, Want Not

Ilka Gordon AJL News and Reviews

Waste Not, Want Not: Kosher Cookbook is a wonderful, ingenious cookbook whose cover states, “Creative Ways to Serve Yesterday’s Meal.” The book consists of imaginative suggestions on how to use leftovers. All the recipes are easy to make. There are multiple recipes for each leftover food; for example, Fruchter lists 31 dishes that use leftover chicken. The added ingredients are staples and spices easily found in most kitchens. Beautiful photographs of the foods accompany nearly all the recipes.

The table of contents divides the book into categories such as fruits and vegetables, challah, breads and cakes, cholent, rice and pasta, and chicken and turkey. Fruchter begins the book with important tips on food safety and ends the section with the sage message, “If in doubt, throw it out.”

The cookbook uses only kosher ingredients and includes many favorites such as chopped liver, kugel, and bourekas. A section on “Managing Your Pantry,” and general tips are added features. An index of recipes and general index are included at the end of the book.

Waste Not, Want Not: Kosher Cookbook is practical, informative and useful and therefore highly recommended for all libraries.

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