New Review – Jews in Medicine

Jewish Media Review

Requiring no specialized medical of Jewish knowledge to appreciate this book, Jews in Medicine documents the fascinating history of medical contributions made by Jewish physicians throughout the ages. Profiles of more than 450 individual Jewish physicians are divided by region and area of specialization, all within a historical context – from Talmudic times to the modern era, from Islamic and Christian lands to the spread of Jewish communities in Europe after the Spanish Inquisition. The large section devoted to the modern era focuses on European and American physicians, including the substantial number of Jewish Nobel Prize winners in the field. The book concludes with a description of physicians who were leaders in the Zionist movement and those who contributed to the development of medicine in the State of Israel.

Reading through this book makes one proud to be part of a people who have made such remarkable contributions to medical science. It is truly amazing to read of all the medical discoveries made by Jews in so many countries and in so many centuries.

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