Review of Carmel College in the Kopul Era

Originally Published June 2017 by the Midwest Book Review

In 1947, Rabbi Kopul Rosen, a graduate of the Mir Yeshivah and the then Principal Rabbi of the British Federation of Synagogues, began to develop his dream of establishing a residential boys school which would combine the ideals of the British Public School with the study and practice of traditional Judaism. As a result, Carmel College was born. Despite financial problems and administrative obstacles, Rabbi Rosen succeeded remarkably well with his project. “Carmel College in the Kopul Era: A History of Carmel College September 1948-March 1962” by Rabbi Dr. Chaim Simons is the detailed and comprehensive story of Carmel College during that time. Impressively informed and informative, exceptionally well written, organized and presented, enhanced for scholars with the inclusion of a five page bibliography, a four page index of names associated with Carmel College, and a section of color photos, “Carmel College in the Kopul Era” is a very highly recommended addition to academic library 20th History Judaic Educational History collections in general, and Carmel College History supplemental studies reading lists in particular.


Carmel College in the Kopul Era: A History of Carmel College September 1948-March 1962
Urim Publications, 2016

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