After the Holocaust the Bells Still Ring

Hays Media and Urim Publications are honored to announce the North America publication of of an important new memoir of the Holocaust from one of Bergen-Belsen’s last and youngest survivors,who would become a prominent American rabbi. 

Here is a compeAftertheHolocustWeb1lling book in which Joseph Polak confronts the events he and his family faced from 1943-53: the Holocaust and its sequel of shame and hiding.

Rabbi Polak attempts to portray the madness of an incomprehensible period and the irresponsible reaction of society that followed it. Neither God nor man emerges unscathed from this searing volume. Early critics suggest that this book constitutes the missing chapters of Anne Frank’s diary, had she but survived Bergen-Belsen to conclude her narrative.

A superbly written intellectual and emotional memoir of the Holocaust years by a rabbi who survived both its horrors, and the social abuse that followed in its wake. 

Includes a dialogue with an angel and a readable, original challenge to all complacent theologies.

With a Foreword by Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel.

U.S./Canada Publication Date: April 15, 2015

The 70th Anniversary of Bergen-Belsen’s liberation

About the author: 

Joseph Polak was Hillel Director at Boston University from 1970-2012.  He is now Chief Justice of the Rabbinical Court of Massachusetts. Rabbi Polak, a child survivor of Bergen-Belsen, is recognized as a leading thinker and teacher in the American Jewish community.  He has written for The Boston GlobeCommentary and many other journals and newspapers. 

After The Holocaust The Bells Still Ringwhich addresses his life through age 10, is the first volume of a projected series of memoirs of child survivors like himself.

Publicity/Review/Interview contact: 

Tim Hays

Hays Media

(914) 478-5110

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