Review of A Forgotten Land

By Susan Freiband, AJL ReviewsForgottenLand_fullCover-resized

This fascinating memoir of life in the Pale of Jewish Settlement is the author’s grandmother’s story. It is based on recordings made by the author’s father of his mother’s tales of her early life. The cassettes recorded in Yiddish were translated, the recollections supplemented with information from questioning other family members, historical research and background reading. The book includes maps of the Ukraine, the Pavolitch area, as well as an abridged family tree. It is divided into four parts, from 1835 to 1925, beginning with great grandfather Akiva. Included is a section of old photographs of the family, a glossary of Yiddish terms and a bibliography. The book’s easy reading style captures interest and attention, like a novel. The author is a journalist, from Cornwall, England; this is her first book. It is a useful addition to Judaica collections in academic and public libraries, as well as of interest to Temple and synagogue library users.

 This excerpt is from the Association of Jewish Libraries 


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