A Review of A Journey Through Torah

by Rabbi Dr. Simcha RosenbergDocumentaryHypothesis-fullCover_1.5

The author feels that, in light of modern scholarship, “the strictly traditional approach… especially as it has come to be espoused in our times, is no longer tenable” (p. 129). However, “there is a middle-ground approach within Jewish tradition for a critical approach” that “a serious, yet open-minded person of faith” can accept (p. 130). Jewish tradition has been able to accommodate ideas about the age of the world and evolution through the creative and judicious use of traditional source material, and Ben Zion Katz believes that this can likewise apply to the findings of academic biblical scholarship.

This is a well researched and thoughtful book, which takes an unflinching look at a very serious matter facing traditional Jews today. Even if one does not agree with the author’s conclusions, it is necessary to open up a discussion of this issue and endeavor to reach some sort of modus vivendi with it for intellectually honest traditional Jews….

This book is heartily recommended, and Urim Publications must be commended for publishing this unique, daring, and very much needed work.

This review was originally published in The Jewish Bible Quarterly


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