Review of Let My RV Go!

letmyrvgoJust in time for the Pesach season, Mosaica Press released Let My RV Go!, by Nicole (Nathan) Bem. In their words, “Let My RV Go is an honest, humorous and refreshing account of one woman’s search for meaning—even if it requires turning her life upside down and tearing out the kitchen sink.”

Like the other Mosaica books, Let My RV Go, is a smooth read. The cover, title and story line comes together well. The layout and fonts are clear and pleasing to the eye.

I would say that the book is perfect for younger women who are either on their way Baalei Teshuva, already BT or are involved in the BT world.

I felt that the reference to movie characters and characters watching movies gave the book a non-yeshivish tone that BT or more MO person might davka enjoy and very much appreciate that comfort level.

LMRG has a glossary and also explains most of the “Jewish” words as they appear. That allows for a greater secular audience. It also references various parts of the Jewish American culture, ie the Bubby and her cooking, which is easy to relate to.

Personally, I enjoyed reading the book with its variety and light style.

LMRG is a novel that is an easy, upbeat read. I would definitely be interested in reading more from Nicole Bem, the author.

This review first appeared on the Jewish Joy Reading blog.


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