NEW RELEASE: Siddur Nehalel BeShabbat

NehalelModeled on the Nevarech bencher that pioneered the juxtaposition of prayers and photographs portraying their meanings, the new Nehalel Siddur brings liturgy to life in full color. The siddur includes the full traditional text, a foreword by Rabbi Daniel Landes, an introduction by Rabbi Dr. Zvi Grumet, an elegant new English translation by Michael Haruni, and over 600 pages of vibrant color photos on high quality paper.

A Kaleidoscopic Spiritual Experience

From the cosmos and nature to destruction and human struggle, the images in Nehalel Siddur tie-in various themes. The photos are partly contemporary and partly historical; partly of the natural order, partly of human reality; partly from the holy land of Israel, partly from a much wider panorama. Many are drawn from various archives – some documenting the dark times in Europe, others showing the triumphs of modern Zionism.

The result is a work that makes the themes of the liturgy conspicuous to us as we pray – with a visual force that possibly no siddur has achieved before.

Shabbat Siddur Hebrew/English Prayerbook – Ashkenaz
Published by Nevarech
Hardcover, 650 pages (plus 30 pages of front matter), includes full color photographs throughout
ISBN 13: 978-965-555-657-5
publication: 2013

Siddur Nehalel BeShabbat is a special gift item for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, graduations, birthdays, and more. Nehalel is suitable both for those familiar with Jewish prayer and newcomers looking for an exciting introduction to the liturgy.

Order today! The Nehalel Siddur is available now for ordering here, or at your local quality bookstore in the coming month.

One Response to NEW RELEASE: Siddur Nehalel BeShabbat

  1. Patricia Espinoza says:

    I hope you’ll have soon translat in spanish. SHALOOM.

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