Reinventing Adult Jewish Education


Innovation and creativity have been two keys to the growth and development of the American Jewish community since its inceptions more than four hundred years ago. Each generation has left its mark on the community through its unique approaches to the issues and concerns of the times. As we look back on the last generation, one such program that captivated the North American Jewish community was the Florence Melton Adult Mini School.

Through her own personal story as an educator and the long-time director of this school, Betsy Dolgin Katz provides an historical overview of this outstanding adult learning program. Much can be learned about how an innovative idea is able to grow into a significant initiative that touches a wide cross section of the adult population and leads to the establishment of similar programs that serve other components of the community.

Katz provides the reader with insights into the origins and development of the program, the origins and development of the program, the success that it achieved in attracting different parts of the community, and the challenges faced by the school’s developers during the twenty-five years from its first classes in the mid-1980s until the present. Readers looking to learn about the evolution of the Mini School and its impact on the community will find this volume valuable.

.This review first appeared in the Jewish Book World


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