Simple Actions for Jews to Help Green the Planet

by Ruth W. Messinger 

The Jewish heritage has a great deal to teach about the preservation and care of the planet, God’s gift to all of us. Drawing upon the wisdom of biblical, Talmudic, midrashic and other texts, as well as modern, reliable, scientific research, Rabbi Elkins lists scores of specific actions that we can perform to slow, and hopefully reverse, the deterioration of our environmental well-being. While there are other books on the subject of Judaism and the environment, Simple Actions for Jews to Help Green the Planet (Growth Associates / October 2011/ Softcover) is the only one that deals directly with specific actions and behaviors that Jews (and people of all faiths and backgrounds) can perform to become active in helping to green the planet.In this important book, Rabbi Dov Peretz Elkins reminds us all of the perils that our environment faces today, and he specifically challenges us to look to our heritage as a guide to becoming better stewards of our earth. As God commands Adam in the Book of Genesis to protect the garden, Rabbi Elkins too challenges us to be protectors of God’s good earth and everything that exists on it. Senator Joseph Lieberman *** This is an extraordinarily practical guide to what we all could and should be doing to reduce our own footprint in the world and to help live a commitment to the survival of our planet, and it is beautifully rooted in Jewish text and teaching. Read and ACT; lots of small steps will help make big change.

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