Coming Back with the Kinderlach (on Parashat Vayera)

Excerpt from The Torah Commentary of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach: Genesis, Part I.

And Avraham returned to his young men.        (Bereishis 22:19)

THERE ARE SO MANY HOLY BOOKS, AND EVERY holy book talks about how you have to teach your children to be holy, to be frum, to be cute, to be sweet. Where do you find what you need the most, which is mamesh how to love your children? Where do you find in the deepest depth of all teachings how to be close to your children? I’m going through all the chassidishe seforim, where is it?

Now let me tell you something.

The truth is that this is Eliyahu HaNavi’s Torah. What is Eliyahu HaNavi all about? Eliyahu HaNavi is coming to bring peace between parents and children. Ve’heishiv lev avos al banim ve’lev banim al avosam (Malachi 3:24). So no wonder it’s not written down yet because it will be revealed when Eliyahu HaNavi is coming. Since our generation is getting so close, we are already looking for it in the books.

Nobody was looking for this Torah a hundred years ago because they thought it is enough to have children, teach them a little, and that’s it. Today, thank God, we are already so close to Eliyahu HaNavi.

I’ll tell you how my father gave over Yiddishkeit to me, I’ll never forget it. Every Friday night, my father took me and my brother by the hand, and he walked around all over the house singing Shalom Aleichem with us, but with so much sweetness.

I’ll tell you something, do you know when my father gave overYiddishkeit to me? Yom Kipper night, after we came home from daven­ing my father mamesh would take each child for maybe half an hour. I could see his tears mamesh dropping down to the foor. Mamesh, giving it over to us, giving it over to us.

So after the Akeida it says by Avraham Avinu, “Vayashav Avraham el ne’arav“(Bereishis 22:19). Avraham Avinu came back to the children.

I want you to know something awesome; a Yiddele in Bnei Brak told me a gevalt story. After the liberation in Auschwitz, nebech, it should never happen again. There were thousands and thousands of litle children’s shoes. He went through the shoes and the most unbelievable thing happened, he found the shoes of his children, and he took the shoes with him. So this Yiddele said to me, “When Mashiach is coming, I’m going to greet him with the shoes in my hands. If he brings me back my children, it’s Mashiach. If he comes without my children, I don’t want to know of it.”

You know what’s coming down after the Akeida? Everybody knows that when Yitzchak was lying on the altar, he went through whatever a Jew would go through until Mashiach is coming. The destruction of the Beis HaMikdash, the inquisition, Auschwitz, everything in the world.

So I want you to know that by Avraham Avinu it says “Vayashav Avraham el ne’arav.” After the Akeida, Avraham Avinu promises he will come back with all the children who ever suffered in this world.

I just want to bless you, me, and all of us mamesh, we should come back with our children, with all the children who ever died in the name of God.

Excerpt from The Torah Commentary of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach: Genesis, Part I .


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