AJL Review of In Every Generation: The JDC Haggadah

by Ilka Gordon

In Every Generation: The JDC Haggadah
From the Archives of “The Joint” the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
New York: Devora Publishing, 2010
92 pages $19.95 (9781936068135)

In Every Generation includes the complete Hebrew text of the traditional Haggadah in an easy-to-read and clear font with English translation, some transliterated passages, and instructions on performing the Seder. The Haggadah begins with an informative forward by inspirational author, Rabbi Joseph Telushkin. Journalism professor and author Ari Goldman provides historical background on the work of the JDC as well as personal and poignant anecdotes told by Jews assisted by the JDC. What makes this Haggadah unique and very moving are the more than 100 black and white and color photographs from The JDC’s archives which range from 1914 to the present. Each photograph relates to the Haggadah text. The Maggid section of the Haggadah, which begins with the “bread of affliction,” is accompanied by a picture, photographed in the Berlin-Mariendorf DP camp in 1946, of a smiling young girl holding two large handmade matzot supplied by the Joint. Accompanying the Hallel, a prayer of praise, is a photograph of a Rumanian choir taken in 1988 and two young boys, singing in a music class in Odessa, both activities made possible by the Joint. The photographs and anecdotes included in this Haggadah add a modern dimension to the biblical story of the rescue and redemption of the Jewish people. The JDC Haggadah is highly recommended for all libraries, especially synagogue and school libraries. It is also a meaningful Bar or Bat Mitzvah gift.

For the original article on page 22 from AJL Reviews, click here.


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