A World After This

by Susan Freiband

This story of an Orthodox Hungarian-Polish woman, from a wealthy Jewish family who miraculously survived the Holocaust makes for fascinating reading. It covers the period from 1938 when Lola was 15 years old to 1946 when her first child was born. During most of this time she and her husband experienced the evil and horrors of the Nazi killing machine and lost most of their families. They fled from hiding place to hiding place several times, barely escaping capture. After her husband was arrested, Lola worked tirelessly to free him from prison. Her strong faith sustained her through many trials. They were able to emigrate to the United States in 1947. Today Lola’s growing family includes her three children, twelve grandchildren and thirty-six great grandchildren. She is a successful artist, and some of her work is included in the book, along with family photographs and charts, and a glossary of Yiddish and Hebrew terms. The book is an important contribution to Holocaust memoirs and is recommended for Holocaust collections in synagogue, high school, academic and public libraries.

Original review can be found here in the AJL newsletter.

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