Jewish Media Review on If We Could Hear Them Now

If We Could Hear Them Now

If We Could Hear Them Now

by Dov Peretz Elkins

In If We Could Hear Them Now, Jewish heroines come to life from different eras of Jewish history. The author conducts interviews with different greats of the past, allowing each woman to tell her story from a personal point of view. History is brought down from the shelves of libraries and study halls and put in the readers’ hands. Written in a contemporary and riveting fashion, this book illustrates what sets a hero apart and what lessons we can learn and incorporate from these remarkable lives.

Included are imaginary dialogues with such prominent women in Jewish history as Miriam, Tzipora, the daughters of Zelophehad, Hannah, Deborah, Ruth, Esther, the daughters of Rashi, Dona Gracia Nasi and, coming into modern times, Henrietta Szold. The author has deep knowledge which she uses to create fictional conversations which inform and inspire.

Alice Becker Lehrer teaches at the David Weissman Institute of the Bronfman Jewish Education Centre in Montreal and has held senior positions in the Montreal Jewish community for many years, including: serving as the President of the Jewish Public Library and founder of its Legacy for Learning committee, chairing the Advisory Committee of the Melton School of Education, cochairing the Hartman Institute Lay Leadership Global Beit Midrash Seminar Series, and as board member of Kollel Torah Mitzion and Mizrachi Canada. Alice was the founder and president of the private health care company Orthosport, was the editor of The Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy, and has published in the Canadian Jewish News. She is the wife of Harold Lehrer, the mother of two daughters and the proud Oma of two grandsons.

from Jewish Media Review


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