2010 National Jewish Book Award Guidelines and Submission Forms Now Available

The goal of the National Jewish Book Awards judging panels is to select a quality book in each category that will appeal to a broad reading audience. There are variations in the rules governing each award category, but the judges are guided by these principles in arriving at their decisions:

  • The book must be of Jewish content
  • Books, either hardcover or original paperback, must be published between January 1–December 31 of the year under consideration. If the book is published in November or December of the prior year, and only if no galleys are available prior to the publication date, the book may be submitted the following year.
  • The book must be primarily printed in English and distributed in the United States
  • The National Jewish Book Awards submission period is open from early summer to late September/early October (the exact deadline will be in the below guidelines).

Please click the link below for more information:

The 2010 National Jewish Book Award guidelines are now available for download

2010 National Jewish Book Awards Guidelines (pdf)

Please note that the deadline for the 2010 National Jewish Book Awards is October 4, 2010. No submissions will be accepted after that date.

from the Jewish Book Council

The original text of the article may be found here.


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