Book Launch of Lone Soldiers by Herb Keinon

Lone Soldiers: Israel's Defenders from Around the World

Lone Soldiers: Israel's Defenders from Around the World

Come show your support for lone soldiers of the IDF by coming to the Israel launch of the highly acclaimed book Lone Soldiers: Israel's Defenders from Around the World.

Meet and hear from author Herb Keinon, Jerusalem Post correspondent,

at a book launch at the new AACI,
2 Poalei Tzedek St. (corner of Pierre Koenig), Jerusalem

Date: Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Time: 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Admission: Free

Books will be available for purchase at a discount

On the book:
“… a testimony to the love of Israel and to the unity and cooperation
between Jews in Israel and the Diaspora.” – Ehud Barak, Defense Minister and former prime minister

“At a time when criticism of Israel, from within and from without, seems
commonplace, it is refreshing and inspiring to read … a story about so
much that is good and unique about Israel…. ” – Abraham H. Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League

They pick up and leave family, friends, home, cars, first-tier universities, and often top jobs for a land in which, in most cases, they don’t have relatives, and are unfamiliar with the language, culture, food, and mentality. Once there, they choose one of the harshest, most difficult frameworks possible in which to immerse themselves: the army. They are Israel’s lone soldiers. Lone Soldiers: Israel’s Defenders from Around the World tells a tale, engagingly written by Jerusalem Post diplomatic correspondent Herb Keinon, with accompanying pictures by noted photographer Ricki Rosen. This book tells the personal stories of fourteen of these volunteer lone soldiers – including one, Michael Levin, who fell in the Second Lebanon War – and of an ”old school” kibbutznik, Lt.-Col. (res.) Tzvika Levy, known as the ”father of the lone soldiers,” whose life’s mission is to take them under his wing and make their landing in Israel and the IDF as painless as possible. Their stories are living proof of Israel’s enduring strength and Zionism’s vibrant appeal.

About the Author:
Herb Keinon is a veteran reporter for The Jerusalem Post. Keinon has lived in Israel since 1981, spending most of those years writing on a wide array of topics for the newspaper. For the last nine years he has been the Post’s diplomatic correspondent. Originally from Denver, Keinon lives with his wife and four children in Ma’ale Adumim.

About the Photographer:
Ricki Rosen has worked as a photojournalist for over twenty-five years, and her photographs have been published in such major publications as Time Magazine, Newsweek, The New York Times Magazine, People, Paris Match, and Le Figaro. She recently published a photographic book, Transformations – From Ethiopia to Israel, featuring portraits of Ethiopian Jews during the 1991 Operation Solomon rescue mission and then the same people transformed after fifteen years in Israel. Rosen lives in Jerusalem with her husband and two children.


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