The Jewish Media Review on The Dawn of Redemption

The Dawn of Redemption

The Dawn of Redemption

by Dov Peretz Elkins, The Jewish Media Review

The Dawn of Redemption traces the Jewish concept of individual and communal Redemption through its cosmic antecedents to the role it plays in personal experiences and struggles. Drawing on classic sources, the author melds private experiences with historical forces, personal destiny and the Divine Plan, and shows how alienation and despair are transformed into exhilaration and closeness to God. Upon the canvas of the Biblical books of Ruth and Jonah, one finds in this psychological, philosophical, and spiritual investigation a profound restatement of the redemptive idea within Judaism and its potential to satisfy and uplift the life of every man and woman.

Meir Levin is a physician, Torah scholar, and teacher who lives in Monsey, NY. A former pulpit rabbi and a popular lecturer, he is an author of Novarodok: The Movement that Lived in Struggle and its Unique Approach to the Problem of Man (Jason-Aronson, NJ, 1996), With All Your Heart: The Shema in Jewish Worship, Practice and Life (Targum/Feldheim, 2002), and The Rabbis’ Advocate: Chacham David Nieto and the Second Kuzari (Yashar Books, 2006). Many of the essays in this book had been presented as a series on


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