A New Book by Chaim Walder

Advice for Life

Advice for Life

by SPG

From Feldheim.com:

As an experienced educational counselor and prolific author, Rabbi Chaim Walder has dealt extensively with relationships between children and parents, students and teachers – as well as a person’s relationship with himself. Drawn from the author’s vast knowledge and flavored with his engaging literary style, this book bursts with a wealth of information, ideas and advice, along with practical suggestions for applying them. Culled from more than a thousand articles written during the author’s almost two decades as a Yated Ne’eman columnist, Rabbi Walder tackles the issues that are foremost on people’s minds. Also included are the author’s opinions on a variety of topics, from mental health issues to money matters – all easily referenced in a convenient, concise index.

I always associate Chaim Walder with his great story books, namely the true life stories in People Speak and Kids Speak. Another favorite of mine is his novel That’s Me, Tzviki Green. So I guess this is going to be a bit of a break in a tradition of story books from Rabbi Walder, with what appears to me to be his first English book on Parenting. I’m curious whether there will be any more stories in this new release. To find out I guess we’ll just have to check out the book when it comes out. Feldheim lists it for release tomorrow, April 27th. If you happen to take a look give me an update on how it compares to the older Chaim Walder books and the style of the book format.

From The Jewish Book World

The original text of the article may be found here.


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