Jewish Media Review on Amot Shel Halacha

Amot Shel Halacha: Halachic Insights

Amot Shel Halacha: Halachic Insights

by Rabbi Dov Peretz Elkins

Amot Shel Halacha: Halachic Insights. Rabbi Ari N. Enkin. Urim Publications.

This is a fascinating, well-written collection of studies on important halachic issues, such as Shabbat, holidays, family issues, the synagogue, Israel, prayer, etc. Anyone interested in the intricacies of Jewish Law will find great interest in these pages. There is a intriguing list of “Talmudic Quotes to Live By” at the end of the book.

Rabbi Ari N. Enkin once again presents over 100 fascinating contemporary halachic issues in his latest work, Amot Shel Halacha. Each chapter is skillfully compiled from insights and rulings drawn from an extensive range of Halachic texts. The amount of information packed into every chapter is meticulously woven together to present each issue in a unique and holistic manner. The author, noted for his articulate and engaging manner of writing, possesses an exceptional ability to explain even the most complicated matters with extraordinary clarity. With well over 2000 references from the entire spectrum of Halachic sources, Amot Shel Halacha is simply an experience and education in Halacha like no other.

Rabbi Enkin made aliyah from Canada in 2004. He teaches in several yeshivot, and is rabbinic advisor to


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