Jewish Media Review on A Window to the Siddur

A Window to the Siddur

A Window to the Siddur

by Rabbi Dov Peretz Elkins

One can never understand the amazing anthology of our traditional liturgy sufficiently. It is a collection of prayers, songs, poems and essays that cover a period of thousands of years, and the nuances of its meaning are endless. The dialogue style of the discussion makes it dramatic and fascinating. A very worthwhile contribution.

A Window to the Siddur is a commentary on the prayer book written in dialogue format. It focuses on the themes, the order, and the historic background of the weekday and Shabbat prayers. Who among us knows enough about these beautiful prayers that he/she cannot add more information about them?

Rabbi Dr. Walter Orenstein is a graduate of Yeshiva University where he received his B.R.E., M.A., and D.H.L degrees. He was subsequently appointed to the faculty of the James Striar School (YU) as assistant professor of Jewish Studies and later to the Teachers Institute for Women (YU), where he was elected as chairman of the faculty and Stern College (YU), where he served as religious guidance counselor. He is the author of several books: Torah as Our Guide, Torah and Tradition, The Cantors Manual of Jewish Law, Etched in Stone, Letters to My Daughter, The Transformation of a Skeptic, and Teach Me About God, as well as several scholarly articles. He is the recipient of the Senior Professor Award from Stern College and he is listed in “Outstanding Educators of America.”


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