Short Story Writers Wanted

by Greer Fay Cashman

After proving with its two previous ventures, Jane Doe Buys a Challah & Other Stories, published in 2007, and Tel Aviv Short Stories (2009), that there is a demand for English language short stories about life in Israel, Ang-Lit Press had no qualms about putting out another short fiction anthology which is scheduled for publication at the beginning of 2011.

There is an enormous pool of literary talent among immigrants from English-speaking countries, and there is also a growing readership inside and outside Israel for short stories on any number and variety of subjects that reflect different aspects of life in this country.

The third anthology, which will be published under the title Israel Short Stories, has already received close to one hundred submissions from which approximately forty will be selected for publication.

“This is going to be the best collection yet,” promises Ang-Lit. Press CEO and co-editor, Shelley Goldman, who is still learning the publishing game as she goes along, and is planning a larger print run than before. “We have learned from our past experience. We sold out of the first and second editions of Tel Aviv Short Stories in just eight months, and we don’t intend to be caught short this time.”

The new anthology, co-edited by Goldman and Joanna Yehiel, both former editors at The Jerusalem Post, will follow the same format as Ang-Lit. Press’s previous ones, but this time the setting for the stories can be anywhere in Israel, not just Tel Aviv.

“Reader response to our previous publications has been amazing,” says Goldman. “We get complimentary letters all the time and although we are sold out at the book stores, our Amazon sales continue to be brisk.”

The launch of the two previous books gave readers the opportunity to meet the writers, and also gave the writers a means of meeting each other and forming new friendships and discussion forums.

Fiction writers who wish to submit to Israel Short Stories have until April 30 to do so. Submission guidelines can be accessed on the Anglo-Lit Website,

from The Jerusalem Post

The original text of the article may be found here.

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