Urgent – Jewish Books Needed after Arson in Crete

Etz Hayyim Synagogue, Hania, Crete

Etz Hayyim Synagogue, Hania, Crete

An urgent appeal from the Yiddish Book Center:

UPDATE: On February 11, 2010, we sent an email to 15,000 members and friends of the Yiddish Book Center asking for books to rebuild the library of Etz Hayyim Synagogue in Hania, Crete. Over 100 volumes have been sent in the last 3 weeks, with more on the way. Visitors have shared personal stories of the synagogue and coordinated their donations in the comments section of this page. There are still hundreds of titles not yet replaced – see below for the updated list.

Dear Friends,

As you may have heard, two separate arson attacks in January have devastated the 600-year-old synagogue on Crete and left its extensive library and archives in ruins. Two Americans, two Britons, and a Greek citizen have been arrested. The Yiddish Book Center has offered to help replace some of the books that were destroyed – and we in turn are calling on our members and friends.

Click here for a current list of needed titles. Most of these books are in English or Hebrew (there are no Yiddish readers in Crete). Could I ask you to look through the list and check your shelves at home? Any of these titles you can spare will be enormously appreciated. To save time and money, books may be transshipped at domestic rates through an American APO address. Please send the books directly to:

Lorenzo Garcia
PSC 814 Box 36
FPO AE 09865-0036

Please email us (at members at bikher dot org; subject: Crete synagogue) or post a comment to let us know which books you send, so we can update our online list and avoid duplication.

Many thanks,

Aaron Lansky

UPDATE: Click here for a large-print version of the list of needed books!

UPDATE: To donate directly to the synagogue recovery efforts, and for the latest news, visit the synagogue’s new blog.

from the Yiddish Book Center

The original text of the article may be found here.


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